The Montecristo – New comedy venue for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival

The Montecristo is the brand new independent comedy venue for the 2015 NZ International Comedy Festival in Cahoots with Old Mout Cider. Situated in the famous band and function rooms underneath the institution that is Toto Pizza, on Nelson St, Auckland.

The scene of many legendary gigs and events over the years, The Montecristo will be the stage for many more as some the Festival’s best and brightest comedians take over the venue for 3 weeks from Thursday 23 April to Saturday 16 May.

Along with a full programme of shows including Wilson Dixon, Guy Williams, Guy Montgomery and Jon Bennett (UK), the Montecristo is presenting a host of late night and afternoon shows too.

Get a pizza and cold beer, and have a play on the white baby grand, the Montecristo will be the destination venue during the Festival where anything that can happen probably will.

23 April – The Montecristo Opening Showcase

A sampler of what’s to come:Wilson Dixon, 2014 Billy T Award winner Guy Montgomery and 2012 winner Guy Williams, Tim Batt, Joseph Moore, Sanjay Patel and Brendon Green, The Cavaliers (Rhys Matthewson, Nick Gibb and Jamie Bowen), along with the UK’s Jon Bennett .You’ll also have a taste of the Montecristo late night programme with performances from Rose Matafeo, Tom Furniss, and New Zealand’s foremost colour-coordinated comedy dance troupe, DYNAMOTION.

The Montecristo Late Night Shows

The Montecristo will be the place for late night comedy in the Festival. Coupled with the prospect of cold beer and hot pizza made by the famous Toto’s upstairs.

The Shows..

Wednesday: “Past Bedtime.” Rose Matafeo is hosting a late night slumber party and you’re invited! In exchange for money! BYO blanket and torch.

Thursday: “Comedy Loser Brigade.” Tom Furniss and Guy Montgomery host a rotating line up of comics with ideas they probably wouldn’t try anywhere else.

Friday: Auckland’s favourite colour coordinated comedy dance troupe, DYNAMOTION, perform a road trip revenge story involving sassy waitresses, hell-bound hillbillies and sadistic gator farmers told entirely through dance.

Saturday: “Dope Joke Party” with Joseph Moore. It’s a party! Lock the doors! Nobody goes home! (Until the show finishes. Also we will unlock the doors if you need to go to the bathroom. Maybe we won’t lock the doors).

Sunday: “Character Comedy.” Jesse Griffin (Wilson Dixon) hosts a night of shining stars and dreams fulfilled as comics from around the festival and beyond stop being themselves for a while and perform altered egos doing character stand up.

26 April, 3 May and 10 May at 4:30pm – The Montecristo Afternoon Shows

For those who want a few options with their going out, we have The Montrecristo Afternoon Shows.

The shows:

“The Worst Idea Of All Time” podcast… live. Since January last year Guy Montgomery and Tim Batt have watched the film Grown Ups 2 once a week and then reviewed it as a podcast.

“A Young Man Dressed as a Gorilla Dressed as an Old Man Sits Rocking in a Rocking Chair for 56 minutes and Then Leaves.” The Montecristo is very proud to be staging a one off performance of this Edinburgh Fringe cult show.

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