5 Star Comedy Preview Review

The New Zealand International Comedy Festival 2015 kicked off spectacularly with a roar of boisterous laughter heard echoing from all corners of Auckland’s Sky City Theatre last night.

The 5 Star Comedy Preview showcased Britain’s best comedy acts with a Canadian and Welshman thrown into the mix.

The acts included comedians Carl Donnelly, Nish Kumar, Eddy Brimson, Andrew Watts, Rich Wilson, Lloyd Langford and Craig Campbell, with host  Joel Dommett. The Preview gave the audience a taste of what’s to come in this year’s festival as these polished comedians kept the hilarity coming over a two hour show.

The eight comedians all had their own unique brand of humour and they brought their A games to this years preview. If you don’t get offended easily, which I’m assuming you don’t if you’re a comedy nut, these comedians should be on your festival to see list. The improv comments thrown at the comedians by the rowdy Auckland crowd were well received and added stand out moments to the show. Joel Dommett was especially brilliant incorporating great audience interaction.

Lloyd Langford, Nish Kumar, Andrew Watts and Joel Dommett are headlining The Big Show from Monday 27 April – Sat 9 May at the Auckland Town Hall, as well as having separate shows of their own. Carl Donnelly, Eddy Brimson, Craig Campbell and Rich Wilson all have shows on throughout the festival.

The crowd favourite of the night was Lloyd Langford, the awkward Welshman who had a very interesting experience with a hotel room and a kinky box that left the audience in roaring laughter and disbelief.

These eight international acts alone reinforce The NZ International Comedy Festivals excellence in attracting top comedians to little ol’ NZ.

Head along to any of these performers solo shows and you won’t be disappointed. Your face may ache from laughing, but it’s well worth the pain.

Reviewed by Nicola Lemberg

4.5 stars4.5 stars4.5 stars