Guy Montgomery – Guy Montcomedy Review

Enthusiastically dancing his way on stage, Guy Montgomery is a bloke who can’t dance to save his life, but he’s pretty decent at stand up.

The 2014 Billy T Award winner opens his show, titled ‘Guy Montcomedy’, on this historic weekend and begins with a genius piece about Anzac day and the hashtag #lestweforget. He pokes fun at people who try and have the most empathetic social media account, and how the soldiers would react if they knew. To be honest, this is pure brilliance.

Guy knows how to work a crowd. It’s always risky interacting with the audience,  but Guy can work with what ever comes his way.

He relies heavily on previous jokes via callbacks, which work well more often then not, but can get hard to follow. Surprisingly Guy manages to use God to insult vegans and gets away with it, so I think we can say this proves his likeability as a comedian.

A highlight of the evening was when Guy acted out a play in which he performed three different characters. The play titled “The Dinner” received an enthusiastic round of applause from the crowd. He had all the right elements of a relatable story, excellent acting abilities and a phenomenal French accent.

Lots of laughs from a hard working, clever, and slightly awkward kiwi bloke .

Check out Guy Montcomedy on in Auckland at The Montecristo 26  – 28 April and 3 – 5 May.

Reviewed by Nicola Lemberg.

3.5 stars small