Joseph Moore 1989 Review

Joseph Moore may seem like a veritable young’un of the comedy scene, but he’s been around, let me tell you. The previous Billy T Nominee’s 26 years provide for a chocka show ‘1989’ full of frantic storytelling, sandwiched between some stealthily planned recorded audio and live interactions.

His candid stance about his own despicable trait’s fuel the various narratives of the show. Despicability is funny, and makes for a bloody great night. He’s constantly tying things together and referring back to earlier stories like a pro. A skill that more than makes up for some of the more random tangents he takes us down during this fun hour.

Moore manages to weave yarns together in a double whammy hit of familiarity. My favourite example featured a close-to-home tale of gym membership tied into  the desperation of a dating no-show. Just the everyday stuff we’ve all experienced.

I could have sworn he was going to incorporate the seemingly ironic country music star tee shirt into the show, but it was not to be, despite it being ripe for the picking.

The show culminates in a hilariously rousing, and perfectly timed musical number that’s delivered flawlessly and with a genuine love for its subject.

Relatable, fidgety and sincere, his appreciative crowd left realising just how moore-ish Joseph really is.

Joseph Moore 1989 is on at The Montecristo until  Sun 10 May, 9.30pm, Sundays at 8.30pm (No Monday shows).

Reviewed by Mat Campbell.


4 stars small