DeAnne Smith Get Into It Review

It was giggles aplenty at DeAnne Smith’s opening night of her show Get Into It.

Her one hour set kept a rolling momentum, bounced beautifully off a rather coy audience, and took us from the horrors of the bikini wax to exploring what the best Sex Music is (pro tip: be careful which playlist you add ‘Eye of the Tiger’ to).

Smith’s true talent is balancing her act to keep the belly laughs forthcoming, while maintaining a tone that sits perfectly just beyond funny, and just short of ribald, and it really works.

She worked excellently with her crowd, as she interacted with the audience throughout the show. Smith paused to flirt with one audience member, and completely lost her train of thought when distracted by a grown man’s giggle (that grown man was Mike King, who she clearly did not know, which added to the hilarity for the rest of us).

If a joke doesn’t get the reaction she was after, she tells you, which is just as funny in itself. She is self deprecating without cutting herself down too far, and there are some real gems within the show that had some audience members in tears of laughter.

DeAnne Smith gives good comedy and she deserves to be playing to packed audiences for the rest of her run in Auckland.

DeAnne Smith is on at The Vault @ Q until Sat 2 May, 7.15pm

3.5 stars small