Kura Forrester Tiki Tour Review

For me, most comedy is enjoyable as long as there’s no aspect of crowd involvement. By, crowd I mean me. That gut wrenching scenario of being picked out, the adult equivalent of coming in to the classroom and finding the chairs arranged in a circle formation. But with Kura Forrester at the helm, I felt safe and if she did ‘select me’, I’d be ok with it.

Her extremely bubbly personality have the decent sized crowd (admittedly as she cheerily pointed out, probably made up of all her friends) willingly jumping into the palm of her hands on a dreary Tuesday night at the very cosy cellar section of Q theatre.

The yarns were familiar, and she really pulls off being a great story teller in her show Tiki Tour. The show rides along on the strength of Forrester’s casual nature and spot on impersonations, a fave of the night being her southern USA stereotype.

Some more familiar ‘Tiki Tourer’ types are on display as we travel together throughout europe, selectively picking her favourite stops along the way. The ripe-for-the-picking interactions between the hilariously different characters provides for some straight up laughs. It’s a classic low fi show, and the content matches the delivery style.

Forrester darts back to herself for the narration a few times throughout the hour, which I think confused her more than it did the audience. Her accents are good enough for us to know who’s who from early on into the show.

Kura Forrester joked about her nerves of filling an hour long show in Tiki Tour. Well, if this debut is anything to go by then she is definitely one you should keep your eyes on.

An infectious personality bound to win you over.

Reviewed by Mat Campbell.

Kura Forrester’s Tiki Tour is on at the Celler at Q Sat 25 April & Tue 28 April – Sat 2 May, 7.15pm.

3 stars