The Big Show Review

The very best of British comedy was on display last night at the opening evening of The Big Show.

It was a chance to see four very well-established international acts in one evening with: Lloyd Langford, Nish Kumar, Andrew Watts and Joel Dommett taking to the stage.

Hosted in a cabaret-style setting at the Auckland Town Hall, we were treated to the charismatically fastidious and sardonic style of wit from these British comics.

Our presenter for the evening, Joel Dommett, stormed onstage with a hold no prisoners approach, honing in straight away on the chap who was a little slow taking to his seat. The audience warmed quickly to the affable comedian, and he continued to reach greater heights every time he returned to stage. His impression of his flatmate entertaining a lady in the next room was a crowd favourite, as was his bit on the perks of having small feet in a nightclub.

Lloyd Langford, a Welshman amongst an evening of Englishmen, entertained us with his sweet and fussy explanations on the different types of litterbugs, and the challenges of scooping up dog poo. However, it was his tale of his first day at work in a factory, complete with alcoholic workmate and boss with a twisted sense of humour, that won everyone over.

Next up was Andrew Watts who has the admirable talent of making the audience feel as though their IQ was rising with every passing joke. With his ability to talk at breakneck speed, he quickly weeded out his target audience. Those who succeeded in following his jokes to the bitter end were well rewarded one example of which was his superbly delivered bit on the hyper-inflation of email kisses. His David Attenborough-style attempt at picking up a female audience member was unsuccessful, but one of my favourite jokes of the night.

Rounding off the evening was the clever and socially aware Nish Kumar. He entertained with his take on how children’s board games have brought about the downfall of society, and how the left-wing movement has failed thanks to terrible marketing. Nish had a refreshing style, and ended the evening on a high.

The Big Show comes with a brand of humour to please everyone, is a highly recommended evening.

The Big Show 2015 – An International Comedy Showcase is on at The Comedy Chamber Mon 27 April – Sat 2 May, Mon 4 – Sat 9 May 8.30pm.

Review by Lauren Owens

4 stars small