Snort With Friends Review

Snort didn’t quite have us snorting like pigs, but it did have us on a journey with many flightless birds.

If that intro is a bit odd to you, then great – because that’s what Snort was to us. A wonderfully odd group of humans up on stage, slightly panicked, yet fully committed to giving the audience the best improv comedy they could have possibly ever seen.

Four ‘sets’ were performed from some of the big young hitters (and Billy T Award winners) at the Comedy Festival. It was refreshing to see them think on their feet, or their wings, as it were. This was a fast-paced ride with leaps and turns and loop-de-loops that no-one saw coming, even those on stage.

The audience yelled out words like ‘Meteor’ and ‘Sausage’, and we were taken to outer space, far away planets where people smashed on your windows for a ciggie, and then were raced back down to earth to meet the boss of Eagle Boys Pizza, and wound up in a restaurant that made sausages at the table and fed them directly in to your mouth.

The friends on stage were fantastically descriptive, and you truly got lost in the lands their slightly insane minds made up. It’s really a show not to miss.

Snort is on at The Basement in Auckland Fri 1 May & Sat 2 May, Fri 8 May & Sat 9 May, Fri 15 May & Sat 16 May, 11:30pm.

Reviewed by Dani Revell.

4 small stars