Best of the Billys Hosted by Ben Hurley Review

Best of the Billys saw the winners of the last few years of the Billy T Award (and a ring in from 2006) entertain a packed Sky City Theatre on Sunday 3rd May.

Ben Hurley hosted and we have to say, was the stand out of the night. It naturally comes with experience (and age, obviously, he’s getting on – we could spot the grey’s from the crowd!) but nonetheless he had the crowd eating out of the palm of his 1/16th Maori hand.

Rhys Mathewson opened the show and was a very convincing terrorist on holiday. Who knew the boy could tap dance like that? (Who knew anyone who could tap dance that badly would do so in a literal public forum like that?) Jokes aside, he had us laughing along at the thought of his split penis and the first time he said ‘I Love You’ to anyone. We could all relate. (To the love part, not the split dick).

Nick Gibb came next with an interesting set that took us from May 2015 inside a gambling complex, through the ages, past Vikings and made us ponder a conversation with our maker. Cori Gonzalez-Macuer followed, and his relaxed attitude and one-liners were a nice mix to the more story-telling comedy that had come before. After the loo and wine top-up break we had Guy Montgomery who took us (and left some of us to drown) underwater with a screaming mother fish.

Rose Matafeo finished up with some classic jokes about how hard it is to be a young woman in this day and age, with all the cake-buying you have to do for yourself on your own birthday and all.

A great Sunday night out with some of NZ comedy’s best and brightest – we can’t wait to see what they become, like old Obi Wan Benobi.

Reviewed by Dani Revell.

3.5 stars small