Matt Stellingwerf Review

Maybe it was just his general laidback vibe, or the fact that it was his first show on a Monday night, but Matt Stellingwerf looked totally at ease on stage at The Classic last night as he began his show PsychoBabble.

There was no fanfare and no booming voice to bring him onto the stage, instead he opted to just walk on and “start awkwardly”, as he put it. Except there was nothing awkward about it.

He has a very easygoing likeable manner, telling lots of stories from a particularly eventful fortnight of his life that involved falling in love after a one night stand, taking part in his first orgy, Tinder, drugs, depression – y’know, all the usual things.He fits a lot of jokes in to his hour, even pausing to go back for one he’d missed.

Highlights included: scientific dick talk, pop songs and philosophy, and even a bit of Shakespeare. I could definitely listen to a few more tales of his work in criminology talking to serial killers!

Stellingwerf is becoming as comfortable on stage as we are at seeing him there. A great Billy T Nominee.

Get into your comedy comfort zone and see Matt Stellingwerf PsychoBabble at The Classic Studio until 16 May.

3.5 stars small