Hamish Parkinson Fly or Die Review

I don’t know where to start with this review. Hamish Parkinson presented a lot of nervous energy, a lot of physicality, and some expertly executed pratfalls. That’s right; he even does his own stunts.

This show is inventive, explorative and above all interactive. It’s a detailed journey into his freakishly hyperactive brain. There are countless thrills, spills and surprises. None of which I’ll mention here, as you really need to experience it for yourselves. But rest assured – the lengths he goes to for his comedy know no bounds.

During this unnervingly in-your-face hour, he darts around the stage with frantic energy. His intro takes three go’s to complete, and at one point he clambers freely over the crowd. He’s a comedian who really likes to get amongst his audience.

There was plenty of audience participation, and some surreal storytelling that took the idea of romance to its outer limits. There was also great use of props and costume changes, and many interruptions from a friendly courier.

Also, I’d be missing a trick if I didn’t say this guy already looks like he’d be funny. He has a great face, and by that I mean it’s expressive, malleable, shows a lot of vulnerability and emotion, and looks slightly older than his years. Well, those things definitely work for the kind of cheeky, sad and at times manic clown that took to the stage tonight.

Hamish Parkinson doesn’t do things by halves and deserves his Billy T Nomination. Go see this show and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Reviewed by Dedee W.

Hamish Parkinson Fly or Die is on at The Basement until 16 May.

4 small stars