Jurassic World Review

From the theme park eye candy presented to you at the beginning of Jurassic World, you will be thinking ‘I want to go to there’, but hold on a minute…. remember what happened last time.

This latest dino’s-brought-back-from-extinction-movie provides no surprises, and why should it, the tried and tested formula pretty much means people running from dinosaurs, or getting eaten by dinosaurs.

This time we meet the new hybrid ‘Indominus Rex’ created by Dr Henry Wu (BD Wong). Surely this new creation can’t create any problems? The park is run by Claire, (Bryce Dallas Howard) who is so focused on her new attraction that she doesn’t make time for her nephews who are visiting. Again, what could go wrong?? Meanwhile, Owen (Chris Pratt) is practicing his raptor whispering and becoming the voice of respecting nature.

Jurassic World looks amazing, and some of the ‘fight scenes’ are mind-blowingly good. There’s lots of nods and winks to the original too that’ll keep the fans more than happy. However, dispute the fantastic effects I still wanted more from the good ol’ humans.

Chris Pratt, as ex-navy raptor psychic Owen, is the most watchable here, but I wish they’d used him more allowing more personality onto the screen.  Humour does pop up a few times, but as the characters were not given much time to form relationships with their audience, it wasn’t enough to get the script on a level playing field with the dinosaur attractions.

I found it challenging that in over 20 years our female characters still don’t get more of an opportunity to lead the action. Our main females are in fact dinosaurs, including our villainous Indominus Rex. However, it is in homo sapien females where we’re lacking. And forget genetic engineering, Claire remaining in her heels throughout the theme-park-dino-death-spree is the real miracle here.

Jurassic World is a spectacle of eye-popping effects that does not disappoint. It’s as magical as the movies should be, with some truly ridiculous sequences that will leave you with no choice but to enjoy it immensely.

Jurassic World proves that this franchise is in no way extinct, and with a whole new generation to delight expect to see more hybrid creations let loose on your screens.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar

4 stars -