Turbo Kid NZIFF Review

Turbo Kid follows a young orphan scavenger in a post apocalyptic 1997. He has survived this baron environment by trading various items for water. The Kid’s one escape from this nightmarish world is comic books, and his comic book of choice is Turbo Rider.

Not long after meeting a young girl called Apple The Kid discovers that his superhero idols and weapons exist….like for real. Our reluctant hero soon finds himself pitted against Zeus the evil overlord of the wastelands this is when the fun really begins.

If you spent the mid 80’s riding your BMX to the video shop to rent the latest Mad max rip-off, you will love Turbo kid. The film embraces this theme from the onset with the production company’s logo resembling the now legendary Cannon Films logo, you’ll know immediately where this films’ influences lie. There are copious amounts of 80’s pop culture reference packed into the costumes alone.

This is a no holds barred parody of the low budget action-comedy-gore genre. It’s hilarious thanks to the use of over the top blood filled practical effects and elaborate fight and torture scenes. As a result Turbo Kid will have you laughing and grimacing in equal measure.

A superb cast fills the screen with Munro Chambers playing The Kid, Frederic played by Aaron Jeffery and veteran 80’s actor Michael Ironside as evil Zeus.

Turbo Kid sports over the top heroes and villains and embraces their ridiculousness with all their might. Turbo Kid has its tongue firming placed in its cheek so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

To summarise Turbo Kid I’d say think Mad Max meets the BMX bandits with a sprinkling of Monty python’s Holy Grail.

Reviewed by Ian Wright

You can see Tubo Kid at NZIFF in Auckland 28 & 31 July.(There are further dates around NZ).

3 stars