Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation review

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation sees the return of Tom Cruise as Impossible Mission Force agent Ethan Hunt. This time Hunt is pitted against the mysterious Syndicate, a rogue terrorist organisation led by the evil Solomon Lane. But does the Syndicate really exist? Who can he trust? And how is he expected to take down this ‘rogue nation’ when the IMF itself is being disbanded by CIA chief Alan Hunley, played by Alex Baldwin.

The latest installment of the franchise which started 19 years ago ( I know I feel old too!) hits the ground running, literally with Cruise doing his trade mark run towards a plane that is leaving with stolen chemical weapons. What commences is a breathtaking set piece with Cruise being our modern day Harold Lloyd (Google him kids) performing his own spectacular stunts. The fuse is lit.(Cue Music).

This funny fast paced and action packed film feels more like a classic spy thriller than any of the previous ‘Mission Impossible’ outings. It’s also even more ‘Bondish’ than ever with lavish locations and tongue and cheek dialog throughout. This doesn’t mean that’s it’s still not Mission Impossible. There are enough winks and nods to the original TV series to keep die-hard fans happy. Obviously Cruise is perfectly comfortable as Hunt, but he never fails to give his all with fantastic stunts, action and the perfect level of humour.

We are introduced to Rebecca Ferguson, as Ilsa Faust, a British intelligence operative who may or may not be part of the Syndicate. Faust is a strong fully formed character who is easily Hunt’s equal. It’s great to see Hollywood once again realise that women can be more than just eye candy or a romantic interest for the leading man in an action flick. This Swedish actress is quite simply kick ass. Simon Pegg gets to flex his comedic muscles in his funniest outing as Benji Dunn, the IMF technical field agent who becomes Hunt’s  right-hand man.

Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie, who has collaborated with Cruise previously on Jack Reacher and Valkyrie, provides the perfect balance of action and espionage. The films only downfall is its length. Mostly it’s paced beautifully and you’ll be gripped until the third act, which, unfortunately, is when the film loses momentum and starts to feel a bit long at 2 hours and 18 mins.

Our favourite grinning movie star has brought us a very welcome early Christmas present as the original release date was 25th December, but Paramount promptly moved it to avoid competition with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Don’t expect to feel the back of your seat while watching Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, the action and suspense will keep you on the edge of it for most of it’s running time. A perfect amalgamation of cloak and dagger suspense and insane action. Rogue Nation is the best mission Mr Cruise has taken us on.

Reviewed by Ian Wright

4 stars -