Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games Reivew

Michael Flatley, the man who made Irish dancing a world phenomenon, presents his latest incarnation Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games to New Zealand.

Dangerous Games boasts ground-breaking new technology, including holographs and 36 of the greatest Irish Dancers in the world, but does it live up to be king of the kick step?

Utilising its holographic screen from the outset a small boy and Flatley impatiently move the arm of a clock to hit 12 so the show can start. Unfortunately, this didn’t make anything move any faster. The start of the show feels sluggish and took a while to warm up. Once the Irish dancing that we have been waiting for starts, we are treated to some rather cliché images of unicorns, fields and castles. I half expected leprechauns to come out on stage; however, I bet younger viewers enjoyed the fairyland atmosphere. Adults fear not there’s something for you too in lots of scantily clad men and women keeping the Mums and Dad’s happy 😉

The show is broken up with a singer accompanied by two violinists whose performances are excellent, though they feel a little too separate from the main performance. The third and final song was a little hindered by low mic levels, a shame as it was her best number which felt and sounded like a James Bond opening sequence explosive background visuals an’ all.

The second half of the show saw a vast improvement on the first. The dance routines seemed tighter, better thought-out conceptually, and with the added pyrotechnics ‘Dangerous Games’ finds its feet. The holographic appearance from the crazy-legged godfather himself lets the original Lord Of The Dance show the true talent of the man behind it all.

Though the show failed to impress me as much as I was expecting,  the crowd seem to love every minute and a standing ovation was inevitable. I believe hard-core Irish dance fans will not be disappointed, but maybe first timers might want to wait for the full on 2Pac style holographic return of Micheal Flatley.

A fun night for Flatley fans. Lord Of The Dance: Dangerous Games is on at The Civic Theatre Auckland until 23 August and at Wellington’s St James Theatre 25 – 20 August. 

Reviewed by Ian Wright