She’s Funny That Way Review

We found much to enjoy in this old school style antidote to today’s often gross-out or OTT comedies written and directed by screwball comedy master Peter Bogdanovich.

She’s Funny That Way is a comedic farce that intertwines multiple characters brilliantly in a throwback to the classic comedy of errors style. A call girl, a director, a judge, a therapist and lots of silliness make this the right kind of fun that’ll let you leave the cinema smiling.

The film centres around Isabella Patterson aka Izzy aka a call girl called Glow, or muse as she’d prefer you to say, who dreams of becoming an actor. Our now successful leading lady is telling the story of her big break to a reporter. Turns out turning tricks enabled her to chase her dream after a client Arnold Albertson, using the alias Derek played by Owen Wilson, gives her $30,000 to give up being an escort. However, this isn’t the first time Arnold has offered such a gift to a call girl or his particularly memorable inspirational story involving squirrels and their nuts. Arnold just happens to be a theatre director casting his new play in New York, which also stars his actor wife Delta Simmons played by Kathryn Hahn. Obviously it is Izzy’s destiny that her first casting just happens to be for said play, cue hilarity.

The brilliant English actress Imogen Poots personifies the cute bubbly Izzy and even adopts a strong Brooklyn accent. Owen Wilson is perfect as the slightly miss guided feminist/hopeless romantic/serial cheater Arnold Albertson. Rhys Ifans is fun as rock n roll style actor Seth Gilbert. Austin Pendleton as a love sick Judge Pendergast and

Jennifer Aniston had us in tears laughing. She plays the rudest most unstable therapist ever in Jane Claremont, who’s dealing with her alcoholic psychotherapist mother’s patients, and it’s bloody fantastic!

This film has an outstanding ensemble and cameo cast with too many to mention (and we don’t want to spoil any surprises).

We recommend you embrace this lovely, funny and feel-good film. She’s Funny That Way is just pure entertainment.

Reviewed by Ingrid Genar and Ian Wright.

3.5 stars small