NZFW 2015 Day 1 – Dmonic Intent and Syre

Published on: August 26, 2015

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By far the most dazzling and disturbing show of the day was Dmonic Intent and Syre. They kicked off the collections with their streetwear brand Syre and a hip hop backing track to match, this range is designed by the youngest member of their team King Ajay and displays both womenswear and menswear. It was dominated by sporty breathable fabrics and a monochrome palette.

More elasticated bands and cuffed trousers added to those from the earlier ‘Choose Wool’ show suggesting that it will be a big trend for the season. Pants seem to be getting shorter in length as the years go on with turned up jeans and culottes all over the spring summer catwalks earlier in the year, this season we have reached the peddle pusher stage with many being paraded throughout the day. These were a big hit in the Syre collection paired with flowing capes and dark hoodies. The Syre branding and street lingo such as ‘crooked’ added to the collection’s athletic energy making it feel more like an active wear brand than anything else, but thanks to the oversized turtlenecks and pencil skirts it still retained that stylish look for the catwalk.

KUWNZ dmonic Intent

Dmonic Intent really was the show of the day; you can’t beat intense music and gothic makeup on the runway. With some religious hints and nun like headdresses the collection is reminiscent of scenes from ‘The Omen’ and ‘American Horror Story’ however the outfits are brought together with such style and elegance that it works as a fashion collection. There was beauty in the array of thick and quilted fabrics layered on top of one another and falling to the floor and a feminine aspect to the dark ensembles trimmed with delicate lace and ruffles. Throughout the collection was a running theme of embellishment and embroidery with heavily beaded choker necklaces and emphasis on the waist and the shoulders.

Almost every model in the Dmonic Intent show wore a headpiece of some kind elongating the already looming slenderness of their figures. Everything from head to toe screamed elaborate and overwhelming yet many of the pieces were wearable to some extent. The prominent factor through the collection was definitely the metallic colours ranging from rusty copper to bright gold adding even more regalness to the collection.

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Words and pictures by Lindsey Catherine.