Band of Magicians Review

Billed as ‘The world’s first magic supergroup!’ The Band of Magicians are the awesome foursome James Galea (AU), Ben Hanlin (UK), Brett Loudermilk (USA) and Adam Mada (AU).

With a healthy dose of competition to keep things interesting, they work together to craft illusions that showcase their magical genius, bringing pure joy to audiences.

Last night the Bruce Mason Theatre saw the opening night of magic troupe, who through their combined efforts bring an globe-trotting, technique spanning, fun for the whole family trick romp in an age where the internet and television reign supreme.

The live challenge of magic still brings an exciting prospect to the illusion realm and definitely is an experience unto itself; seeing it in front of your own eyes is something everyone should experience.

The Band of Magicians put on a family friendly show, with the four lads clearly having a great time on stage. Having a seamless connection is integral with this type of show, and the four of them definitely has great chemistry and their enjoyment and enthusiasm radiate to the audience. There was an element of clowning which went down well with the varied ages within the audient that had gathered on a dreary Tuesday night needing a pick me up and some excitement.

It’s tough reviewing a magic show as you don’t want to give much away, however, I can broadcast that the style was varied and very funny. It encapsulates several classics involving cards (always a favourite), disappearing, reappearing and some amazing maths.

The Band of Magicians tied all this together with themes and stories for each sensory-busting experience, overall making for a well-rounded show for all ages to enjoy.

The Band of Magicians are performing at Bruce Mason Centre until 13 September.

Reviewed by Mat Campbell.