Deadpool review

Marvel’s lesser known but extremely beloved anti-hero Deadpool finally makes it to the big screen with Ryan Reynolds bringing the “merc with the mouth” to life.

If for some reason you missed the brilliant and hilarious viral marketing campaign for this movie, you’ll soon be brought up to speed on the general vein of this character. The genius opening credits will have you chuckling as they give a truthful twist on the norm, and establishes this superhero as having his tongue firmly in his cheek.

The film is an origin story telling the tale of Wade Wilson, a former Special Forces operative turned mercenary. Wilson falls in love with stripper/prostitute Vanessa Carlysle and all is looking cozy in their sexy anything goes relationship, which touches on his Pansexuality that appears in the comics. However, soon things take a different turn when Wilson is diagnosed with cancer. His desperation for a cure leads him to subject himself to some crazy experimental madness that while gifting him with accelerated healing powers and the cure for his cancer, it also results in severely disfiguring his appearance. Hence, our masked anti-hero is born.

Deadpool’s forth-wall-breaking, self-referencing meta madness drags 20th Century Fox back into the super-hero game after the disastrous poo cloud that was the Fantastic Four. Ryan Reynolds is perfect for this role; he’s hilarious as the quick-witted and crude Deadpool letting the brilliant script by Zombieland’s Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick Reynolds just fall out of his dirty little mouth. Pool’s love interest is the extremely talented Morena Baccarin who plays Vanessa Carlysle and is the perfect motor mouth match for Wade Wilson.

Deadpool also has a couple of buddies who’ve got his back. Newcomer Brianna Hilderbrand plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a sort of moody teenager with one hell of a temper and Stefan Kapicic as X-men’s Colossus, a huge chrome body builder type.

Unfortunately like fellow MCU outings, Deadpool falls slightly short in the villain stakes. Ed Skrein’s Ajax may match Reynold’s Pool in physical prowess and good looks, but his lack of charisma or any real menace means he fails to match him in any other way. However, Gina Carano’s evil sidekick Angel Dust somewhat overshadows the lead bad guy with her psychical yet silent performance.

The Deadpool movie was in development for over ten years so it’s a joy to see this character re-booted from the one Reynolds played in the god awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Director Tim Miller’s background as a visual effects artist and animator is a perfect fit here and this action packed fast paced film demonstrates he has a bright future in the live action realm.

Guns, guts and romance with added dick jokes what else do you need for an enjoyable trip to the cinema? Deadpool will delight both hardcore comic book nerds and the non-prudish cinemagoers in equal measure, just remember this one’s strictly for the big kids.

4 small stars