Zoolander 2 Review

The world’s most famous dim-witted supermodel Derek Zoolander returns in this cameo filled sequel to the much-loved 2001 original.

When numerous pop stars are assassinated and the only clue to the murders being the trademarked blue steel look on their face. Interpol’s fashion division recruits the only man that can help, Derek Zoolander. Add a sub-plot about Zoolander trying to find his son and the search for the fountain of youth and this sequel has definitely upped the action adventure stakes.

15 years have pasted since the original and in a world that has become even more obsessed with celebrity, Zoolander 2 has a lot to play with. But, this is it’s biggest failure, it only touches ever so slightly on how the world has changed with jokes that have been done before and better. Oooh look phones have got big again and aren’t hipster twats. (Sarcastic inflection) Hilarious!

Zoolander 2 had the opportunity to mine satirical gold, but sadly misses the boat at every opportunity. The performances by the returning cast are acceptable and it looks as though Stiller and Wilson have already found the fountain of youth as they have hardly aged in 15 years. The best performances where from Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz and Will Ferrell as Jacobim Mugat – probably delivering a couple of the only good lines. There is some fun to be had with the mutable celebrity cameo’s and hardcore Zoolander fans might enjoy seeing Ben Stiller back on the big screen but this is simply not enough.

This sequel is as empty as Zoolander’s own brain, bringing no new ideas to this out of date comedy. I think I laughed twice, and I defiantly had more fun with what some people feel is the worst film of the year, Dirty Grandpa, SHABBA!

Zoolander is relying on the same jokes as the first film and they are just too few and far between. The bottom line is, this film is just not funny and call me old fashioned but I believe that’s quite important if you’re making a comedy. If you want to enjoy life and have a laugh, give Pooooolander a miss and go see the hilarious Deadpool instead this weekend.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

1.5 star