Alexis Dubus review

Everyone loves a good swear, especially as they make us chuckle, so what better topic for a comedy show than expletives. Alexis Dubus’ A bl**dy brief history of swearing is a fun and surprisingly academic look at naughty words and phrases packed with small tidbits about the origins of our favourite bad words.

The 5pm start at Montecristo made it all the more cheeky as we were launched straight into the hard stuff, no beeps, no censor bars just pure unadulterated vulgarity. Like naughty school kids we shyly joined in, giggled and become fascinated with Dubus’ seemingly encyclopedic knowledge of curse words. He delivers his comedic lecture enthusiastically and jumps into characters and voices to bring the stories to life.

The show is interesting as well as funny and I found the international section particularly delightful. We all know when you learn a new language the first words you look up in the dictionary are the rude ones, so bring your notepad and pen and impress your friends as you learn some profanity of global proportions.

The first of three performances, Dubus will no doubt refine this show further as at times he was still finding his rhythm.

This show is a refreshing and fun way to laugh, shout obscenities and learn something too! What a bloody bargain.

A bl**dy brief history of swearing is on at the Montecristo 30 April and 1 May at 5pm.

3.5 stars small


Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar.