Rhysently Granted review

Remember the 90’s? The decade that brought you Nintendo 64, Grunge and The Lion King. It was truly a golden age and New Zealand was not gonna miss out.  So, it should come as no surprise that in 1996 Rhys Darby and Grant Lobban formed Rhysently Granted; part sketch comedy, part music, and all surreal silliness. We’re told ‘they were a huge hit in Christchurch with their fanbase reaching the double digits’ and tonight they performed together again after 20 years.

It was great fun to see two good mates works so hard on stage to make us and themselves laugh. Songs, lunging, gyrating, and general jesting made for a fun night of sketch comedy with added sound effects. I’ve not seen a sketch show for a few years so this was refreshing and had a real Edinburgh Fringe feel. It’s filled with enthusiasm and a rawness of haphazardry that locked us in for an hour of laughs. It’s a show with heart and that heart is set securely in between Monty Python influences and original Kiwi comedy.

This is not quite a polished show by their own admission, however, there are some spot on big laughs here and some sing-a-long-soon-to-be classics like Mrs Whippy and Jandals.

Getting back to your roots is good for two things: therapy and, it seems, comedy. Check out Rhys Darby and Grant Lobban loving what they do as Rhysently Granted at Q Theatre until 30 April.

Rhysently Granted can be experienced at Q Theatre until 30 April.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar.

4 small stars