Brendon Green review

Who would have thought the crux of Brendon Green’s latest show would reveal the proper way to manage a Dyson Air blade hand dryer? For those who ‘think’ they know, your life is about to change.

With six strings full of enthusiasm, previous Billy T Award nominee, Brendon Green, returns from sharing his comedy abroad and takes to the stage at the NZ International Comedy Festival musing on how to achieve happiness in life. The key takeaways from Brendon Green – Eggs & Ham are: try new things, realise that equality means your girlfriend is not better than you and that tiny, male genitalia are hilarious, no matter what. In short, enjoy the small stuff. Literally.

Using vivacious stories from his past, Brendon illustrates what it means to try and, hilariously, fail. His singing talent and skills on the guitar could easily forge an alternate career path were his stand up to fall down –but either way, I doubt this budding young comedian is going anywhere anytime soon as Green’s deranged, nihilistic intellect wouldn’t allow it. If he can get an audience chanting about German cannibalism and doing their own echo effects, he can probably run the country.

He’s a smart comedian, but not intimidating, and somehow the crisp guitar notes blend his fantastical wisdom pearls into a necklace of remembrance the audience can wear home after the show.

You can see Brendon Green – Eggs & Ham at Montecristo from until 14 May.

Reviewed by Nic Brookland

4 stars small