Nish Kumar review

Published on: May 1, 2016

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Nish Kumar described himself as,”A critically acclaimed comedian. That means I say big words and don’t sell any tickets” well if the packed Classic Comedy Club was anything to go by he does not have this problem at the NZ International Comedy Festival but acclaim I will give him.

From the outset, Kumar comes across confident and is very much at home on stage. During his hour show he deals with any revelrous audience members quickly and smartly and keeps full control of the room. A relaxed and easily likable persona easily gets you into the rhythm of his set and giggling in no time.

His clever material weaves its way around, and masterfully dips into, topics like the 1%, conspiracy theories, gentrification and emotional music gigs. He knows his shit and knows how to interact with the audience and his material will confront you with some of the most serious subjects from our past and our present.

Nish Kumar presents the perfect balance of political rhetoric and comedic silliness. Do yourself a favour and book some tickets to laugh and learn at The Classic until 7 May.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar & Ian Wright.

5 stars