Captain America: Civil War Review

The second superhero punch-up of the year is here and man is it a good bout. Captain America Civil War is the thirteenth film in the MCU and is a sequel to both Winter Solider and Age of Ultron. In short it’s a brilliantly written amazing action movie where every fight has you emotional invested. This is truly a comic book come to life.

After a pre-credit flashback involving the Winter Soldier, Civil War kicks off with an outstanding action sequence set in Africa, where the Avengers are hunting down Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones who is planning on stealing biological weapons. Even though our heroes prevail, innocent people are harmed in an explosion caused by Rumlow, who is trying to reap his revenge on Rogers after his defeat in the last Cap movie.

Even though The Avengers have saved the Planet multiple time the collateral damage has become too much for some people. This latest incident causes the death of a number of Wakandan relief aid workers so the international community feel they have no choice but to enforce control over the superhuman population via the United Nation official agreement ‘The Sokovia Accords’. The Avengers feelings are split on signing the agreement; Ironman heads the pro-government control side and Captain America believes their freedom to help whoever they want without a government agenda is more important. Here lies the beginning of the divide, bring forth the Civil War. Plus add the re-emergence of Steve Rogers’s wartime friend turned Russian zombie killing machine Bucky aka the Winter Soldier. Will Rogers be able to bring his best friend back to the light? Or is he really the bad guy? Suspence, intrigue oh my this film has so much.

The Russo Brothers proved themselves once again to be the comic book kings by balancing all the superheroes screen time beautifully.  This is defiantly a Captain America movie but somehow is the Avenger sequel that ‘Ultron’ should have been. No army of remote controlled hive mind robots or aliens, just the superheroes themselves battling it out. The hand-to-hand combat is turned up a notch from the previous outings and the fights are clear and the action is coherent.

Chris Evan returns as the blue-eyed boy scout Captain America, in a role I can’t see anyone else ever playing. Robert Downey Jr is outstanding in this film and brings yet again more depth to the character of Tony Stark. Paul Rudd’s Ant-man joins the fold and he’s not changed one bit from his solo outing bringing us some brilliant comic relief. The newest hero to the MCU is Black Panther played by Chadwick Boseman who gets his own story arch setting up the character perfectly as well as staying loyal to the 1960’s source material. But Boseman might be over shadowed by a more familiar costumed wall crawler. Yes! Spiderman is finally in the MCU and somehow in the small amount of time on screen Peter parker is set up. Tom Holland incarnation is so much fun, call the new film whatever you like, call it Spiderman: Prom Date I don’t care. Anthony Mackie returns as Falcon and has some excellent banter with Sebastian Stan’s Winter Soldier.

This film is intricately written just like the comic books and the action sequences are off the meter, one in particular ‘the airport scene’ which also manages the perfect amount of comedy. However, this is a serious film yet not dark and dreary so don’t let the super hero fatigue, *cough* Batman vs. Superman, stop you from seeing this outstanding comic book movie. It’s totally worth your dollars and definitely a must see in IMAX 3D. Bring on the Infinity Wars part 1 and 2 or what ever they decide to call them. This film will not disappoint.

Reviewed by Ian Wright

5 stars small