Jesse Griffin’s Centaur – Review

Jesse Griffin’s comedy show originally titled Sex With Horses, which you can imagine was a nightmare to google especially at work, has returned as Centaur – Half Man, Half horse, Half artist at The Basement Theatre this week.

Even after seeing a snippet of Jesse Griffin’s new character Clifton at the 2016 International comedy festival, I was still not prepared for this wonderfully funny immersive show. Clifton has converted the Basement Theatre into a contemporary art exhibition and has taken stand-up comedy to a new level – there’s no sitting down here you’re in an art gallery!

The show begins with Clifton dressed as a Jesus type figure wearing nothing but a hospital gown – pretty cheeky aye. I got the the impression that maybe Clifton was simply someone who has just recently flown the ‘cuckoo’s nest’ but apparently no he is just a humble artist.

This satirical look at the art world is set alongside great jokes and the audience is encouraged to ask questions or even take part in some art pieces. The art work ranges from paintings, sculpture, a short film and conceptual art pieces that explore vast themes from perception, childhood, religion and life itself. Every art piece is used brilliantly as the audience is lead down this comedic garden path.

Centaur is a hilarious and unique comedy experience that is a must see for comedy fans looking for something different. Tackling the issue of ‘Art Wank’ and is ‘Art Racists’ Clinton’s show pushes boundaries but not to worry there is some outstanding toilet humour in there as well. Jesse Griffin has done it again creating another classic character.

Centaur plays at the Basement Theatre until 15 October

Reviewed by Ian Wright.