Office Christmas Party

T.J. Miller and Jason Bateman lead this fun Christmassy caper set in Chicago. Miller plays Clay Vanstone a well-meaning but not so smart office boss who’s inherited his position following his father’s death. However, his branch of the company is in trouble but Clay just wants to give all his staff a great Christmas, just like his dad used to. However, his terrifyingly tough sister and interim CEO of the whole company is after blood and seeing the disappointing numbers of the Chicago branch she essentially cancels Christmas by banning parties, bonuses and planning layoffs. However, Clay et al have a plan. Give a client the time of his life and he’ll sign his business with them hence making a Christmas miracle. Simple really. Obviously everything goes to plan……..

Overall it’s an entertaining watch although it does feel a little stale as it’s just not original enough to get the big laughs and lacks that killer script. All the cast are great and there are some great comedic lines and performances but it’s just not enough to make it a new classic. Miller is fun to watch as the hapless Clay and Bateman shines as the American Hugh Grant that he is. Aniston gives another stellar performance as a comedy bad ass and the talented support cast keep the laughs coming just often enough. You’ll have a good enough time watching the movie but just like a real office party it’ll probably be better after a few drinks.

No big surprises or originality in this year’s festive offering but it’s entertaining enough to make it a fun trip to the flicks nonetheless.

Office Christmas Party is out now.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar.

3 stars