Power Rangers review

Published on: March 24, 2017

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The colourful 90’s TV show Power Rangers has morphed its way back to the big screen with a grittier big budget reimagining. So, is it GO GO or just a NO NO?

The superheroes are formed when a group of ordinary high school kids find themselves infused with extraterrestrial powers and subsequently must stop the evil Rita Repulsa, and save the world.

The first act of the film works quite well, with the introduction to our five mischievous high-schoolers in a Breakfast Club meets The Lost Boys stylee. All the actors involved are great, with Elizabeth Banks hamming it up as Rita Repulsa and Brian Cranston returning to the franchise as the rangers mentor Zordon. Zac Efron look-a-like Dacre Montgomery is the stand out of the pack of troubled teens who will eventually become the Power Rangers. When I say eventually, I MEAN eventually as this is where the film falls down. It takes way too long for our heroes to get into their colourful intergalactic armour and kick some butt. The second act drags its heals like the proverbial teenager and becomes moany and annoying. When the third act finally kicks in it feels a little jarring against the tone of the rest of the film.

The director of the very disappointing Project Almanac, Dean Israelite, tries his best to balance Power Rangers in a more grounded reality than previously seen against the cheese rainbow but unfortunately fails. Maybe that’s the problem, you can’t have both – he needed to decide if the film is going to be more grounded or a colourful kitschy spandex fest.

Teenagers and fans of the original TV Show and movies might find a lot to like in this reinvention of a much-loved saga. However, there might just be too many growing pains for your average moviegoer.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

2 and a half stars