FLAPS review

Published on: March 28, 2017

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After a sell-out show in 2016 Bits and Pieces Ensemble are back and Retouched with their brand new FLAPS production. Co-creators Brie Hill and Emily Campbell double up as part of the incredibly energetic, diverse and hilarious cast, all of which are of course women.

After a few moments of gazing around at the mattress strewn estrogen heavy décor it becomes apparent that the stage is set as a boudoir. This cozy, feminine set is laced with undies casting lamp lit silhouettes on the draped bed sheet ceilings and walls. Never will you see a basement look pinker or an underground room feel more homely than this innovatively and award winningly decorated space.

With set production rating 10/10 expectations are already high from the moment of entry, and they are certainly not disappointed throughout. Through many sporadic stories that were somehow carefully stitched together the ladies in lingerie tell tales of life from a woman’s perspective, not only will you learn those hard and sometimes upsetting truths but the audience is also privy to the lesser known hilarities that ensue as a part of the female genitalia.

From soldier tampons to icky and embarrassing confessions Flaps doesn’t hold back, the mini-tales shed light on taboo subjects and transform them into relatable and lol worthy anecdotes. It’s like the Sex Ed lesson you never had but always needed, overflowing with crack up lyrics, enthusiastic acting and clever use of stage lighting. Throw in a not-so-traditional Haka to tickle a kiwi crowd and you’ve got one flippin’ floppin’ flappin’ night out.

FLAPS Retouched will be at The Basement Theatre until the 8t April. Book now or forever hold your FLAPS.

Reviewed by Lindsey Catherine