The Lego Batman Movie review

After the success of The Lego Movie, it’s a no-brainer that a stand out character such as Batman would get his own movie in The Lego Batman Movie. Will this spin-off sequel live up to our expectations? Can everything Lego really be awesome?

Will Arnett voices the comically narcissistic Batman, living an exciting crime-fighting life, thanks to all those pesky criminals he has to fight. However, Batman aka Bruce Wayne, lives an isolated and lonely life with only his butler Alfred and lobster thermidor to fill his time between superhero punch-ups. Alfred advises him to conquer his fear of having a ‘family’ life again and though Bruce protests to even entertain this idea, he does in fact accidently adopt himself a son, while distracted by his instant crush during the introduction of the new Commissioner Barbra Gordon, daughter of Jim Gordon.

Richard “Dick” Grayson is the new addition to the Wayne family and he’s an enthusiastic and innocent Batman fan who can’t believe his luck to have been adopted by both billionaire Bruce and his favourite superhero. Meanwhile, The Dark Knight only has one thing on his mind and that’s fighting with his enemy The Joker, so how will this new fatherly responsibly play out for this notorious loner hero?

Arnett’s hilarious voice work kicks in immediately while injecting comedy to the usually silent appearance of production logos. From then onwards the film is action packed so not to worry Lego Batman will not allow you to get bored. As expected the animation of our little hero is floorless where even the smallest of details are a joy to watch. The script is witty with some great one liners but the adult to kid joke pendulum does start to swing more towards the younger viewers towards the end of the film. It may also get a little too sentimental for some, but this does not stop the overall journey being a great one for both bat-adults and bat-kids alike. Musically Batman is a lot of fun but lacks a theme song as strong as “Everything is awesome” (but that’s a pretty big ask) that said the songs and music that accompany this adventure are enjoyable nonetheless.

Will Arnett oozes enough arrogance and narcissism to give Donald Trump a run for his money and Michael Cera’s young naïve voice is perfect as young Richard providing a boost of cheerful innocence amongst a moody cynical Batman. The playful genius of Zach Galifianakis as the Joker gives a great balance of character and obviously reveals in being the Bat’s greatest enemy.

The Lego Batman Movie may not hit the heights of the original Lego Movie but it is visually brilliant and the best Caped Crusader movie since Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. Batman and Lego fans alike will love the latest brick-tastic edition that builds on the already awesome Lego universe.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

3.5 stars small

Lego Batman is out in NZ cinemas from 6 April.