The Boss Baby review

The Boss Baby, the latest movie from Dreamworks, sees heavy hitting stars voice some very entertaining infants.

The movie is narrated by a fully-grown Tim Templeton, voiced by Tobey Maguire, who introduces us to his world of imaginary adventures, bedtime stories, sing songs and an abundance of love from his parents (Jimmy Kimmel and Lisa Kudrow) as the only child in the family. Perfect. Well, life has a new plan for Tim as his new baby brother is about to enter his home and take away his parents love and attention.

However, this new addition isn’t quite a bundle of joy. Seven-year-old Tim, voiced by Miles Christopher Bakshi, knows this new baby is not all sweetness and light from the get go – he wears a suit, carries a briefcase and he TALKS!!!! He talks in the best voice too as Alec Baldwin lends his vocal chords to this seemingly mini evil genius. Once Boss Baby is discovered to not be your average newborn he reveals his plan that will ensure the future of babies everywhere by foiling a plot by the CEO of Puppy Co Francis E. Francis, voiced perfectly manically by Steve Buscemi. With Boss Baby’s promise to disappear once his mission is complete, Tim agrees to help so he can get his family back all to himself.

I didn’t have high expectations for this movie, which is often a blessing as it allows for a pleasant surprise if the film is actually good, and I’m pleased to say that The Boss Baby was one of those surprises. I found it to be funny, sweet and generally entertaining for both kids and adults. There’s a strong storyline that was explained simply and quickly early on so we could just get on with the serious business of having fun.

Alec Baldwin is, of course, the star as the hilarious Boss Baby. His performance is complemented perfectly by the animated characters moxy, sarcastic facials and general swagger.  Quick quips from the witty script will take you straight back to ‘30 Rock’ and he certainly put a big grin on my face. The well-paced action and banter between Tim and Boss Baby keeps the story unfolding effortlessly. Aside from our main ‘Baby’ there’s plenty of characterisation elsewhere to entertain such as the villain Francis E. Francis who is wonderfully brought to life by Buscemi to be suitably OTT and the perfect crazed, vengeful maniac.

There’re many more little touches in the film that’ll tickle the audience and as expected you’ll find some good life lessons to pull on your heartstrings too, so everything you want from a family movie really.

The Boss Baby perfects a good balance of comedy plus cuteness to please babies big and small.

Boss Baby is out in NZ cinemas 13 April.

4 stars -