Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Star-Lord and his gang of misfits return in the sequel to Marvel’s musically infused 2014 box office smash hit. Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is set a couple of months after the first film and our band of heroes are at work trying to protect the universe. After their latest mission isn’t a total success, our merry men and women are separated with one-half having to battle the ‘Ravagers’ and the other being confronted by a mysterious figure who claims to have answers to Peter Quill aka ‘Star-Lord’s’ true parentage.

The quick wit and action comes thick and fast in this visually stunning and beautifully crafted film. This sequel is a surprisingly emotional affair offering another excellent soundtrack complimenting the film’s themes of family and love.  The soundtrack is as much a part of the storytelling process as the visuals or characters themselves are. From the ridiculously cute ‘Baby’ Groot dancing to ELO’S “Mr Blue Sky” to George Harrison’s ” My sweet Lord” underpinning Kurt Russell’s celestial character ‘Ego’ this playlist is a winner.

However, the film does feel slightly uneven, dipping a little in the second act, though it will not disappoint fans of the intergalactic dirty half dozen as it ticks all the obligatory boxes.

The returning cast maintains their swagger from the first film with Chris Pratt continuing to prove he makes one hell of a charming and funny leading man. The lovable ‘Star-Lord’s’ will they won’t they relationship with Zoe Saldana’s ‘Gamora’ keeps us all guessing. Bradley Cooper’s ‘Rocket’ and Dave Bautista’s ‘Drax’ are once again the surprising standouts who get the most laughs and what can I say about ‘Baby Groot’ apart from that he’s the cutest idiot you’ll ever see. New addition, Pom Klementieff, is brilliant as the socially naive empathic ‘Mantis’. To add some extra space sprinkles you can also enjoy plenty of great cameos (some are easier to spot than others) and alongside you have the usual Marvel film Easter eggs hidden throughout for all the sweaty comic book nerds.

James Gunn has done it again with a slightly more sentimental and soppier mixtape tape that is still a ridiculous amount of fun. Keep an eye out for multiple post credit scenes so don’t leave the theater straight away or you’ll miss out.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2 is a touchy feely sequel that still packs a punch with plenty of laughs. A must see for all Marvel fans and a great all round action romp.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

4 stars -