Guy Montgomery – Let’s All Get in a Room Together – Review

Guy Montgomery got everyone in a room together for his ‘Let’s All Get in a Room Together’ comedy show as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival. The Billy T Award winner regaled the packed Basement Theatre crowd with exaggerated personal anecdotes from his time at an all-boys Christchurch high school up to his current stint as a flat-less freeloader.

Montgomery enters the stage dressed as ‘the coolest kid from your high school’ ready to flip into adult mode at the turn of a hat, using his clothing and environment as the basis for many of his jokes. Montgomery’s sporadic and informal comedic style makes for a show rife with audience interaction throwing fantastically improvised material at every heckler’s interruption.

Using seemingly mundane incidents from his travels touring Australia, Montgomery blows them up and fictionalizes them to the point of novelization; taking the audience’s imagination on a trip around convenience stores and hotel rooms. One of his assets as a comedian is his eccentric body language which helps transforms everyday scenarios into relatable hilarity; his physicality perfectly encapsulated strange behavior on planes and the waning need for weather reporters.

From riffing on Millennial’s hysteria to nostalgic 90s childhood references, Guy Montgomery delivers a contemporary set sure to make any casual Comedy Festival goer a fanatic Twitter follower. Following his sold out opening show, whatever room Guy Montgomery is in will be the place to be.

Guy Montgomery – Let’s All Get in a Room Together is on at The Basement Theatre, Auckland 9 – 13 May.

Reviewed by Lindsey Catherine.

4 stars