Chris Martin – Ol’ Smarty Pants – Review

As a Cricket fan, I was mildly disappointed that the Chris Martin at The Classic last night was not former Black Cap cricketer of the same name, although I was also relieved that the Coldplay lead singer hadn’t tried to branch out.

Thankfully this Chris Martin is a UK comedian and he’s here to share with us his musings on growing older in his show ‘Ol Smarty Pants’. One particular difficulty he’s faced in his 30’s is the challenge men his age have making friends from scratch. It seems this search has become as tough as the search for true love. He also shares his anxieties with us adding his own witty twist on life’s hurdles.

It’s always a nice touch when International comics have done their research into the town they are playing in. As Martin has been to the NZ International Comedy Festival a few times now he was able to make jokes that really hit the spot to this local audience, in particular pointing out the ridiculousness of our flag referendum and the many Sushi outlets available on Queen Street.

Chris Martin’s comedy is like a good cup of tea, an English staple that we just can’t do without.

Chris Martin Ol’ Smarty Pants is on at The Classic 15 – 20 May.

Reviewed by Nick MacDonald.

4 stars -