Brendon Green – Best Friends Review

The multitalented gent and comedian Brendon Green strums the guitar on stage providing relaxed background music as we take our seats for his 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival show.

Green warms up the audience with a little banter, a smile and his nice guy charm that oozes confidence and positive vibes. Life is good, he’s 33 and he’s found his best friend, a cat named Tiley. Sadly to the audience’s dismay, Tiley isn’t making a personal appearance but the show Best Friends is an offering of said cat’s favourite stories that Brandon has shared with her on his downtime between gigs. These three stories are eloquently and beautifully told as we are whisked down memory lane into Mr Green’s childhood memories.

The monologs are quite poetic, heartfelt and somewhat sentimental with jokes scattered comfortably within them but not shoehorned in. This is a well thought out and well-written hour that has plenty of laughs and enough confidence to embrace the flow of storytelling allowing for pause and even silence.

Best Friends has ‘an evening with’ vibe with a theatrical sophistication not often seen in stand-up shows. If you are after something more than one-liners or rude jokes Brendon Green’s one-man cat lovers memorandum is a purfect delight.

Brendon Green – Best Friends is on at Backbeat Bar, K’Rd until 20 May.

4 stars