Non Flower Elements not your average night at the theatre

“How much of the you that you know yourself as, is you?” this, and many other philosophical questions will fly through your head (with no necessary requirement to answer) during the performance of Non Flower Elements at Basement Theatre. This is is the third theatrical collaboration by the writer/actors Ash Jones (Daffodils of May) and Arlo Gibson (Shortland Street, Stepdave).  Their genuine rapport helps keep this a funny and engaging show while providing something new and original to the stage.

The show is set up as a casting call where we are all auditioning for the role of ‘Ash and Arlo’ while the actual Ash and Arlo play casting directors Charlie Au’Charles & Rumple S Tealskin (you still with me). It all starts at the bar, where they begin interviewing audience members prior to the show and give them ‘job’ stickers. Once in the theatre, equipped with quick wit and an emphasis on the dramatic, the duo quickly made us feel at ease. The audience was asked to stand up and perform a variety of tasks as a group; this certainly loosened the laughing muscles for the fun night ahead which also included some full on nakedness. Throughout the show Arlo and Ash both interchange between being casting directors and the ‘actors’ who are being cast.

Both actors embody their characters so well that for the first half of the show I genuinely thought there was a third person in the mix. Although laughs are the aim, there are also moments of clarity and emotion that truly epitomise how talented these guys are. Tip of the day; get to the show 30 minutes early so you can soak up the pure craziness beforehand and be prepared for nudity later, all of which assists in making Non Flower Elements freshly fun.

Playing from the 2326 of August at 6:30pm, Basement Theatre, tickets are a sweet smelling $20 that is elemental compared to the value of entertainment.

Non Flower Elements is not your run of the mill show, be prepared to act silly, wink at strangers and see some balls.