IT brings nostalgic scares to the big screen

In 1980’s Derry, Maine, children have started to go missing. A group of pre-teens self-named ‘The Losers Club’ discovers that a shape-shifting entity that’s taken the form of the creepiest of creepy clowns is responsible. Bound together by a common set of enemies, the school bully, a mullet wielding Henry Bowers, and Pennywise the Dancing Clown, they must face their personal demons and rid the town of this murderous menace.

Stephen King’s classic novel IT terrified a generation when it was brought to the screen in a 90’s two-part TV movie starring Tim Curry. This time, Argentine director Andrés Muschietti delivers a suitably frighting film that’s also beautifully shot with outstanding cinematography and direction. Not only does he create brilliantly put together horror scenes involving that damn clown, but also allows for great relationships via the character development and chemistry between all of the young heroes. This is what makes the film really watchable and injects that 80’s Goonies style underdog team spirit that get’s us all so nostalgic. The seminal decade is captured brilliantly by many cultural references flawless set design.

I loved this movie; it’s a creepy haunted house experience on the big screen. The compelling CGI was seamless and kept me fully immersed throughout. All the young actors involved are truly brilliant. Sophia Lillis who plays Beverly Marsh gives off a young Amy Adams vibe and Finn Wolfhard, portraying the wise mouthed Richie, is just brilliant. Pennywise the clown was the perfect level of creepy ominously played by Bill Skarsgård.

IT succeeds in revising a horror classic in a Stranger Things style in this surprisingly sweet but still very scary horror film.

4 stars small