The Sound of Falling Stars brings hits, heartache and harmonies

The Sound of Falling Stars resurrects the songs and stories of some of the most iconic musical legends who were sadly taken from us too young.

In an enchanting 80 minute show, Cameron Goodall (The Lion King, Sydney Theatre Company) performs hits from the likes of Hank Williams, through Elvis Presley, Sam Cooke, and Bobby Darin to Tim and Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Bon Scott, Kurt Cobain and many more recognisable musical heroes. He transitions seamlessly from one interpretation to another, like a melancholy musical moth within the intimate setting of the Concert Chamber in Auckland Town Hall.

The show, written and directed by Robyn Archer, is a celebration of talent as it was, rather than a cliché flashback to the past. Goodall captures the attention of the audience from the first note to the last reverberating echo. It never feels like a caricature or an impression but is instead a series of nuanced observations as if Goodall himself has got up close and personal with these legendary musicians. Each depiction is as accurate and distinct as the last.

The arrangement of accordion, from George Butrumlis and keyboard, from Enio Pozzebon, allows Goodall’s masterful guitar work to flourish and his voice to ring out as he flits between different musical styles and theatre performance. Though they seem to play a small role in the show, the backup artists’ clear enthusiasm, joy and dedication to the music shine through with their own individual extraordinary talents, and they certainly amalgamate the performance seamlessly.

The variety of genres performed in this show is sure to engage any music fan. What could easily have crossed the line into pastiche, instead reminds us that the sounds of the past aren’t just for remembering, there is a place for it in the modern day and should be heard live – especially when performed by such a talented musician.

Get absorbed into the hits, heartache and harmonies of The Sound of Falling Stars at the Auckland Town Hall until the 24th of September.

Reviewed by Lindsey Catherine