BRIEFS: Close Encounters brings boylesque with a Sci-Fi twist

The BRIEFS Boys are back at Q Theatre, and after last year’s draw dropper of a show (that I called ‘phwoarsom’) what more could this boylesque troupe from Down Under possibly have left to offer us?

BRIEFS: Close Encounters brings a sci-fi theme to the proceedings putting us all aboard the most glittery mothership that there ever was! From the outset, it’s big, bold and loud with an eclectic soundtrack and intermittent ‘Close Encounters’ horns going off. After an epic opening number featuring bare bodies, beards and plenty of plumage, MC Fez Fa’anana is back welcoming ‘all genders unforeseen and genitals in between’. Each time I’ve seen Fa’anana I’ve been won over by her charm, humour and admired her great control on the crowd.

As with previous BRIEFS shows, Close Encounters features plenty of cheek but there’s also some really impressive skills on offer. We’re transported into the future with the help of a variety of funny, cute and eye-opening acts featuring juggling, striping spacemen, Rubick’s Cube solving, trapeze swinging, hula hooping, a touching couples dance to Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill, clever alarm clock control and sparks actually flying during a rather dangerous looking bit of metal work and that’s not to mention the legendary dancing in sky high heels!

The show is kept to a quick and dirty 90 mins (including interval) so there’s ample time to knock back a few cocktails and mingle with the boys themselves after the show.

Here’s my 5 tips to make sure you get the most out of your night out at BRIEFS: Close Encounters:

  1. Get yourself some friends, a table and some delicious BRIEFScases full of yummy treats to make sure you’ll get a feast for the eyes, ears and mouth.
  2. For health and safety reasons watch out for flying clothing items or you might just get a unitard to the face.
  3. Remember to buy a raffle ticket so as not to avoid disappointment once you see what the prize involves. No spoilers here, but let’s just say you get your money’s worth.
  4. Get your duck face ready as there are lots of photo opportunities (but not during the show please) if not with the boys themselves then their cardboard cut-outs in the foyer will have to do.
  5. Let the BRIEFS boys do what they do best so sit back, relax, laugh and let yourself be thoroughly entertained.

BRIEFS: Close Encounters gives punters another crowd pleaser that’s a festival of fun, feathers and fabulousness.

Don’t be Jealous, check the boys out until 9 December at Q Theatre.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar.

BRIEFS X WORLD AIDS DAY -For every ticket purchased for BRIEFS: Close Encounters on December 1, $2.50 will be donated to the NZ AIDS Foundation. Please note: Restricted 18+, includes colourful language, bare bodies and grown-up content. Briefs: Close Encounters is on at Q Theatre until 9 Dec.