KUWNZ Meets Jospeh Moore from Two Hearts

The arena-sized smash pop-music hit of the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival and now the 2018 Billy T Award-nominated show – Two Hearts – returns to Q’s Loft for a limited, festive return season! Starring Laura Daniel (Funny Girls, Jono & Ben, and 7 Days) and Joseph Moore (also those shows), this musical offering promises not to be your usual comedy show. We caught up with one half of the duo, Joseph Moore, to find out what audiences can expect and why they should defiantly buy a ticket.

Two Hearts is nominated for the 2018 Billy T Award, what do you think has made your show a hit with the judges?

You have to pitch your show to an audience of like 5 judges, and we came in with like a bucket of confetti and threw it at them. It went everywhere. We tried to clean it up on the way out but there was way too much. They had to clean it up themselves. Maybe they love vacuuming and that’s why they liked our pitch?

Will you cut the towel in half if you win the award? Or will you have shared custody?

We will burn it and both snort the ashes. Or make it into a shirt we can both wear at once. We are friends with all the other nominees, so hopefully, it is a five-way tie.

Oscar Wilde said, “You don’t love someone for their looks, or their clothes, or for their fancy car, but because they sing a song only you can hear.” If you could sing a song that only you two could hear what would it be?

Jason Derulo – Swalla

How are you preparing for your Auckland World Tour?

We are deep in rehearsals with the hottest/most talented backup dancers in the city. And also crash dieting so we can be seen on stage next to the hottest/most talented dancers in the city.

Ever thought about making it Three Hearts?? 😉

There are heaps of people behind the scenes that make our show as spectacular as it is, so in reality, there are already Three Hearts. There are like Ten Hearts. I won’t ignore the fact that this question was actually just a threesome joke, so my answer to that is *borat voice* “Very Nice!”

Are there pros and cons to being in a double act?

Pros: Working with Laura is a dream, we inspire each other creatively, critique each other when necessary, and i think we both secretly wish we were IRL musicians. It’s so reassuring in the usually very solitary world of comedy to go out on stage standing next to someone else who you know believes in the work exactly as much as you do.

Cons: Splitting the money.

Rattlesnakes make music with their tails (well they rattle), what appendage would you like to be musical?

I would like every time my eyelids flutter for that to sound like a groovy funk baseline.

Tell us why we should come and see your show?

There’s no comedy show like it! It’s just as much pop concert as it is comedy show. We’ve written heaps of songs that are so catchy you’ll be singing them to yourself at work days later, with lyrics that will probably get you fired from your job for singing them at work. The show is as big as we could make it (with the money we had) we don’t hold back in any way. We’ve got hot dancers, we’ve got a big giant screen, we’ve multiple vacuum cleaners worth of confetti. It’s like a party, but unlike a party we would host at our houses, we actively encourage strangers to come.

So, that’s the end of the interview, any final thoughts, lyric quotes, hopes, dreams?

Is it the end? It seems like you just asked for four more pieces of information from me. Here they are anyway

  1. Thought – you can save money on cologne by using the fragrance pump at BP. 6 minutes of spray for $2!
  2. Lyric quote – “Shimmy shimmy yay, shimmy yay, shimmy yah. Drank. Swalla-la-la” – Jason Derulo, 2017
  3. Hope – I hope people come to see Two Hearts: Auckland World Tour in December!
  4. Dream – I was in an old German town full of old people wearing cloaks, and they chased me up a clock tower because i had accidentally stolen one of their babies – Joseph Moore, 2017

Two Hearts: Auckland World Tour starring Joseph Moore and Laura Daniel is at Q Theatre from 12 – 16 December – tickets available now.