Game Night is a safe bet

Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) are ultra-competitive people who meet and fall in love at their local pub quiz. Their obsession with gaming and quizzes continues into their married life as they hold a game night for them and their friends on the regular.

When Max’s handsome, rich and more successful brother Brook (Kyle Chandler) returns to town the sibling competitiveness is turned up a notch. Brook invites Max and his friends to the ultimate game night which is a live-action role-playing mystery, where one of the players will be kidnapped. However, when Brook is really taken by real criminals and the gamers all thinking its part of the act… well the comedy and fun commences.

Game Night produces a nice balance between real life and wacky comedy which never goes too far. The clever screenplay is executed by John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein who have directed this comedy film like a thriller with great action sequences using some very impressive movie-making techniques.

They’ve also created memorable characters who are all likable and enjoyable to watch. A stand out performance has to go to Jesse Plemons as the very strange and mildly psychotic neighbour and cop, Gary, who is obsessed with joining Max and his friends for game night.

Game Night is definitely worth rolling the dice on as it’s a fun and entertaining evening at the cinema for as many players as you like. Go straight past go and collect some popcorn as Game Night is in NZ cinemas now.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

3.5 stars small