Ready Player One is an easter egg feast

Ready Player One sends us the future where people escape their overpopulated slum-like cities by virtual reality and in this virtual world, called the OASIS, people can be anything they like. After the creator dies, he leaves three keys that will give the winner the control and ownership over the oasis. Enter evil corporations and villainous characters who will stop at nothing to gain control of this dream-like reality.

Spielberg is the perfect director for the adaptation of this immensely popular book that is filled to the brim with 80’s movie and pop culture references. Visually stunning, this really is a rollercoaster ride that will have you reminiscing about your childhood.

Ben Mendelsohn is perfect as evil CEO of Innovative Online Industries, who seeks full control over the OASIS. Tye Sheridan shines as our quick-witted and passionate orphan hero, Wade Watts. And Olivia Cooke is excellent as Wade’s love interest Art3mis.

What Ready Player One lacks in character development it makes up for in pure unadulterated fun this is a great easter egg hunt that has to be seen on the big screen. Think Charlie and the chocolate factory meets the Matrix.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

3.5 stars small