It’s super to be back with the Incredibles 2 crew

The loooooong awaited Incredibles 2 is finally here and you’ll be pleased to hear it was well worth the wait, (but they really did make us wait though).

While the last film was focused on Mr Incredible’s drive to get back in his superhero trunks, this film has huge girl power instead, as it’s Elastigirl’s chance to step into the limelight and fight the bad guys.

In a world where ‘Supers’ are all still illegal, Elastigirl takes a new job working for telecommunications Billionaire Winston Deavor (voiced by Bob Odenkirk), and his genius inventor sister Evelyn, in a bid to showcase the positives those with special powers can contribute to society. Here she encounters super villain ‘Screenslaver’ who hijacks screens in order to hypnotise and control the viewer, causing all kinds of chaos. The baddie must be stopped, there’s just the small problem of uncovering the mystery of his identity first.

Meanwhile, her hubby Bob is back at home finding running the house and raising kids is pretty tough without his partner in love, live and hero work. Violet and Dash bring with them adolescent tantrums, teen love, tough maths homework and then Bob’s still got to tend to the needs of little baby Jack-Jack. However, it turns out that Jack-Jack might demand a little more than your usual baby as the true powers of this little guy gradually come to light.

It may have been many years, but you’ll slip back into this superfamily straight away. We already feel like we know them pretty well, however, this film takes us further into the family dynamics as a unit and what motivates them as individuals. Jack-Jack and his array of powers are a real treat, with an encounter with a racoon being particularly amusing. Bob and Helen continue to navigate their marriage and roles as parents amongst their dual identities – with all the ups and downs this brings. The return of daaaaaarling Edna Mode is an absolute joy and Frozone is also squeezed into the plot.

Written and directed by Brad Bird, the excellently paced action and elaborate hero set-ups are very much complimented by the characterisation and bonding moments of this fantastic family and their support network. The villainous Screeenslaver keeps us guessing and provides for some pretty hairy moments. The screenplay does not patronise its audience and provides plenty for the whole family to enjoy; from lots of laughs to lots of drama and tension, emotion and ultimately loyalty and love. As always with Pixar, it looks exquisite and is flawless in its delivery. Incredibles 2 sticks with a retro feel from the offset with its design and feel, along with a sixties-bond-esque backing track. Perfect superhero feels all round.

Incredibles 2 is a super perfect movie escape for all ages that hits all the marks on action, heroes and villains alongside plenty of laughs.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar.

4 stars -