We had high hopes but Skyscraper falls short

Skyscraper brings big blockbuster action and an equally big star to the big screen. Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer, a former FBI agent and amputee who is hired as a security consultant for a state-of-the-art Hong Kong skyscraper – now the world’s tallest building –  called The Pearl. When the building is taken over by terrorists and set on fire, Sawyer’s family is inside, so he has only one choice…..run into that burning building and kick some ass.

Basically, Skyscraper is the Towering Inferno meets Die Hard but there’s no chance of this one becoming a cult classic.

The Rock plays his role very straight with not even an eyebrow raised during his fight scenes or one of the many explosions. I’m not against Johnson going full dramatic, but when you have a film set against an outlandish premise such as a futurist building being attacked by cartoonist terrorists, you should at least hit us with a couple of zingers.

There is, however, some enjoyment to be had with Skyscraper. It’s great to see Neve Campbell back on the big scene holding her own in the action hero stakes. The epic high-rise-hanging-off-a-burning-building special effects are flawless and they are definitely where the films excel. Some scenes may even have you audibly gasping when our leading man is hanging off the world’s tallest fictional building.

Ultimately, however, Skyscraper is a rather boring action film that lacks any real punchy one-liners or the comedic moments that The Rock has become known for. This is a surprise as the director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s previous outing with Johnson was the very enjoyable Central Intelligence.

Skyscraper is outlandish and a lot of fun in parts but falls short of being a great action movie as it takes itself way too seriously, tries too hard to pull on your heartstrings and has a script the generally falls flat.

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

2 and a half stars