Rhys Darby – Mystic Time Bird now at The Classic

Rhys Darby’s Mystic Time Bird is returning to Auckland this week, so we thought we’d reshare how much we loved this show when we saw it in July 2017.

“First up was Bill Napier, Head Ranger of Pohutukawa Park, who was moonlighting as security in order to perform some necessary housekeeping and was utterly hilarious. This has to be the strongest performance I’ve seen from Napier so maybe it’s time to hang up his Ranger’s hat and go into comedy full-time?

Then came the main event, the Mystic Time Bird himself – Mr Rhys Darby. With twenty odd years of stand up under his belt, Darby is at ease on stage. This is his home. You can expect all your favourite Darbyisms in this show: clever observations, energetic and physical delivery and some brilliant sound effects, however, there’s a deeper level too. This show has a spiritual vibe with its reflections on 2016 (unanimously agreed to be a bit of a shit year), life, loves and loss.

It’s always nice to feel that you get to know a comedian on a personal level during their stint on stage, and Darby does this well. In this show he is open, anecdotal and humble which is especially touching when talking about his late mother, honouring her influence on his life and career. He cleverly weaves his material together, often bringing previous observations back into the fold.

Mystic Time Bird is a delightfully funny flight into the surreal mind of Mr Darby.”

Check out Rhys at The Classic on the 16, 17 & 18th October.