Take a sip of the sexy Blanc de Blanc at Auckland Arts Festival

Auckland Arts Festival got off to a gyrating start as the Blanc de Blanc troupe took over the Spiegeltent Tent which they will perform in for the duration of the 17-day festival.

This naughty, sexy cabaret asks you to take a swig of entertainment from a cast of scantily clad bendy body beautiful performers. Your maître’d for the evening is the smooth-talking tuxedoed Frenchman Romeo. He’s our guide for the evening and our very own champagne expert, the pleasures of which are thoroughly explored throughout the evening. However, he’s desperately and regularly interrupted by the impish Jared – the sort of bastard son of Blanc de Blanc that brings lots of laughs, gasps and fun frolics throughout.

Romeo working his magic

The show has many surprises; energetic dance numbers, striptease, high flying acrobatics and the sassiest hula hooping you ever did see. All these feats of fun and strength are equally captivating.

The second half sees the party vibe go up to 11, with the addition of a hot tub for our stars to play in, Romeo now dons a gold chain and black Speedos and you know it’s gonna get naughty.

The energy, innuendo and nudity make this a fun, original, highly entertaining and upbeat show. Expect lots of perfect bums, bad language, more of young Jared than you’d ever wish to see and some seriously sexy dangling.

The finale feels more like an Ibiza dance party that cabaret, complete with foam, bubbles and giant balloons.It’s sure to get you in the party spirit.

So, go ahead, dive in, lose your inhibitions and take a big sip of Blanc de Blanc at this year’s Auckland Arts Festival.

Blanc de Blanc is on at the Spiegeltent until the 24th March as part of Auckland Arts Festival.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar