Brendon Green ‘Of Consequence’ is storytelling with humour and warmth

Brendon Green has just had a big life event happen to him, and he’s feeling reflective about it. His stand up show ‘Of Consequence’ is a contemplation about moments which have had significance to him in the past as he looks forward to a big new phase of his life.

Green is a familiar face in the comedy world now, having performed in festivals around the world and winning Best Storytelling Show 2018 at the Auckland Fringe. His writing gigs have included such well-known local TV shows as The Project and 7 Days.

He is an affable chap who enjoys spinning a yarn, but if you’re looking for laugh-a-minute joke-based comedy, this might not be the show for you. Part-philosophising, part-comedy-song playing, part-reminiscing, there is a lot going in the show as Brendon thinks out loud about what kind of husband he wants to be, what examples he has to follow and wants to set, and what love is really all about. Plus there’s a little in there about the ‘good old days’ of primary school back when it was OK to be an evil chair-flinging teacher.

A gig in a smaller venue is always a unique experience to be part of, and this appears to be Green’s happy place, he builds a warm intimacy with his crowd, welcoming late stragglers in and putting everyone at ease instantly with his wry smile and cheerful disposition.

The lines between comedy and tragedy get blurred numerous times in the show, and it can be difficult at times to put your finger on exactly what the show is supposed to be. Rather than always push for the laughs, I would have preferred Green to have the confidence to just tell a story as it wanted to be told, being full as they were with their own heartfelt and touching moments. Clearly a romantic, he has a knack for picking the very human moments in life and telling them with humour and warmth. Settle in and enjoy the narratives he has lovingly put together for you this comedy festival.

Brendon Green’s show Of Consequence continues at BATS Theatre in Wellington from 22 – 25 May. 

Reviewed by Steph Bean.