Two Hearts is pure unadulterated joy with a backing track

NZ International Comedy Festival’s biggest pop stars are back for a limited number of shows, and this time they’ve matured.  Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore are Two Hearts, a pop duo like none other. This year we’re invited to their ‘Winery Tour’ (not actually in a winery) so they can cash in on the baby boomer’s rather deep pockets and get us all ‘f*&ked up on wine’.

This show is pure unadulterated joy with a backing track. Sat on stage amongst vines, barrels and glasses of buttery chard, they settle into a night of banging tunes and hilarious short dialogues that link the narrative of the show together.

Perched on bar stools, they began in a rather civilised way. Joseph strumming an acoustic guitar and Laura singing an ode to wine.  But, it’s not long before these millennials can’t help but sneak back into their own ways bringing heavier beats and mean ass raps. Their natural chemistry makes them easy to watch and the sillier and more absurd they got the more I loved them.

Daniel was on lead vocals with numerous costume changes and Moore managed the beats and delivered tight comedic rhymes. Fans will be pleased to hear they even revisited a previous show favourite complete with backing dancers.

Daniel, who subtly reminded us that she’s currently on Dancing with the Stars, struts her stuff like a natural born diva. Forget the winery tour, Two Hearts should go straight to Spark Arena with those moves.

Their song topics reflect today’s zeitgeist; climate change, industrial farming, cybersex and those darn baby boomers. They’re splicing genres throughout the hour from acoustic, country, electro, hip hop and pure pop numbers. And these are catchy, toe-tapping, head-nodding songs too – so what’s not to love. The country ditty ‘Factory Farming Girl’ was a work of art and comes with a message that too was overtly giggled at and subverted.

These Two Hearts are tuned in, turned on but have certainly not dropped out. They are soaring in this latest show that’s surely the most energetic joyous event at the fest.

Hurry to get a ticket to Two Hearts The Winery Tour at Q Loft this week, it isn’t a show you want to miss.

Reviewed by Ingrid Grenar.

Two Hearts The Winery Tour are on at Q Loft until 11th May.