Cosy comedy chat with Tim Batt & Disasteradio in Space Couch: A Live Comedy Chat Show

On a dark and wet Wednesday night we entered the Basement Theatre for an intimate evening of comedy and chat with Tim Batt & Disasteradio in Space Couch: A Live Comedy Chat Show.

Tim batt space couch

The evening had all the elements you’d expect from a top notch chat show – a house band in sidekick Luke Rowell aka Disasteradio, an opening monologue from Batt, comedy segments and features, a stand-up comedy guest Ray Shipley and of course a celebrity guest. Last night we were lucky to be in the company of Green Party MP and all round good egg Chlöe Swarbrick.

The show began with a short film/title sequence on the origins of the ‘Space Couch’- a Russian Marxist sofa that has become sentient following a trip to space in 1958. The scene was, set and the level of silliness comfortably confirmed, with just the right amount of political commentary.

Two times Billy T Award Nominee, Tim Batt, then warmed up the crowd with some solid stand up material about his new life as both a vegan and a married man. An accomplished comedian and presenter, he’s comfortable and likeable on stage and remained so while interacting with his guests. After some great banter with Disasteradio, and of course Space Couch – (yes, of course it can talk), Batt brought out his first guest.

Ray Shipley delivered an insightful anecdotal set with some hilarious tales of miscommunication. A 2019 Billy T Award Nominee, Ray is definitely one to check out at this year’s Comedy Festival in their solo show All This Crying is Making Me Hungry.

Ray Shipley
Ray Shipley

Afterwards, Shipley joined a segment involving electric shock dog training collars. Donning the collars, Batt and Disasteradio battled it out to see who could answer questions regarding recent news stories found online. You can guess what happened when they answered incorrectly.  

Next up was a ‘commercial break’, no not an intermission, this was a brilliantly thought out pre-recorded comedy sketch about the long-running cartoon sitcom ‘The Simpsons’. Totally on the nose pop culture commentary.

Then it was time for Chlöe Swarbrick to Join Tim on stage. She’s recently been denied a debate with Paula Bennett on proposed drug reform so we were all keen to hear what she had to say on the matter. Batt used his relaxed interview technique to find out about life as an MP as well as getting to the core of Swarbrick herself. She proved to be a smart, witty and charming guest.

If this opening night is anything to go by Tim Batt & Disasteradio in Space Couch: A Live Comedy Chat Show is a refreshing, highly entertaining and hilarious hour. The time flew by, so we’re definitely keen for more of what Space Couch could offer. New Zealand, take a seat, relax and enjoy this original and charming hour of chat show goodness.

4 stars

Tim Batt & Disasteradio – Space Couch: A Live Comedy Chat Show is on at Auckland’s Basement Theatre until 18th of May and at Wellington’s San Fran from 21st – 25th of May.