Ross Noble is a must-see charismatic, silly and witty storyteller

After being greeted with a hilarious “Turn Your Phone off video”, the curtain opened to reveal a massive backdrop of Ross Noble’s head split in half with pulsating tubes connecting the two parts. The Newcastle native bounced onto the stage and within seconds we are on a crazy journey into the mind of this charismatic, witty storyteller.

For those who haven’t seen Ross Noble before, his shows mainly consist of what appear to be off the cuff improvised routines that are ignited by the environment and audience interactions. From the outset, the laughter is pretty much non-stop even when it’s sometimes hard to keep up with the insane narrative that is weaved from Noble’s imagination. And, imagination is the key. As the man himself noted if you don’t have an imagination (while watching this show), then you’re f’**ked!

Covering topics as diverse as Lime Scooters, parenting and gender politics (with gags that are too silly to be offensive), Noble’s style of forever-diverting-off-topic comedy is fast, furious and farcical in all the right ways.

Noble is just fascinating to watch as he seems to be a different type of ‘Humournoid’. That brain definitely fires on both cylinders working faster than the average stand up. With a show that runs over two hours, you’re definitely getting some comedy bang for your buck.

5 stars

Reviewed by Ian Wright.

Ross Noble Humournoid is on at SKYCITY Theatre until 18th May as part of the NZ International Comedy Festival.